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Hawaii’s best bean-to-bar chocolate

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Welcome to the World of Chocolate Straight from its Origins

At Madre Chocolate, our quest to make truly amazing chocolate is driven by a passion to inspire greater appreciation among consumers for the rich cultural heritage and ecological diversity surrounding cacao.  We aim for our selection of organic, fair trade chocolate bars to connect chocolate-eaters directly to the source, and in doing so to contribute to the well-being of cacao farmers and their communities.

Our chocolate is carefully made bean-to-bar in Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii from lightly processed cacao that preserve many healthy antioxidants while still providing a rich, deep flavor you can enjoy while feeling good. In most other chocolate, fermenting and roasting the cacao destroys many of the antioxidants. We also use many high-antioxidant fruit and spice flavors that are traditional ingredients of the Aztec, Maya, and Olmec tribes that invented chocolate, to both preserve their cultural heritage and give you that original taste.

If you would like to taste some of our lauded & unique chocolate bars, please look for a retail location near you or purchase directly from our online shop. You can also sign up for our Sierra White Jacket Milky Women's White Crest Snow Insulated 40Cxdxqwz like our special post-Mother’s Day truffle-making class on May 20th in our shop so you (or your mom) can learn how to make tasty bon bons from local chocolate. Your entire family might just thank you!

What people are saying about our chocolate
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“It was my favorite of the whole tasting – and many others expressed the same! Thank you!” -Tasting participant, Washington, DC

Madre revives that great tradition by enlivening the cacáo orchards & the growers there through assiduous bean selection & preparation of bars or beverages using heirloom recipes... astutely drawing on Mesoamerica's past to vault chocolate into the future. To top it all off, their craft flavor seals the deal & convinces everyone that re-imagining cacáo is for real.” - Mark Christian, The C-spot, Gris 820 Salt Helly Grey Women's Flag Hansen Jacket qq0nYCR1

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“I really enjoyed your chocolate. It was definitely the most unique of all we tried. The bits of pulp were quite a surprise. I really enjoyed it! “ - Ben Rasumussen,

Our chocolate is available here in Oahu and Maui now in many delicious and fascinating flavors, and coming soon to a shop near you! Please check back with us and subscribe to our blog.

click for interactive map

Our shops are located at

Chinatown, Honolulu

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8 North Pauahi St.

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(between Nu’uanu and Smith st.)
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Open summer hours Monday-Saturday, 11 am-6 pm.

Street parking or in the Smith Beretania municipal garage just west of us whose entrance is at 1 North Beretania St. between Nu’uanu Ave and Smith StClassic Black CuteRose Stand Fit Coat Jacket Men's Collar up Leather Adult 6xfq5T.


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(just off Kailua Rd., near Kalapawai café & Kimo’s surf shop)


Open summer hours Monday-Friday 11 am-6 pm, Saturday noon-5 pm.

Plenty of parking lot spaces and street parking.
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To find out how to get our limited edition bars, when new flavors become available, and when we offer special discounts....
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Upcoming Chocolate Making Classes & Cacao Tours (amp; Co Hawke Cord amp; Hawke Co Bungee HpPIzxqtwP):